#Recruiting Idea #13 – Can You Actually Recruit # Jobs Using AI With Psychology

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When it comes to AI-based hiring assessment tools, we are presently at the bottom of the Technology Adoption Curve staring upward. Those brave enough to be “innovators” and “early adopters” must accept that emerging assessment technologies are far from perfect.

Yes, innovation in AI-based assessments is happening, but the pace is slow. Massive sums of money are being invested because automating predictive hiring decisions while increasing their accuracy will result in billions if not trillions in ROI. 

Unfortunately, assessments are subject to the same factors that are limiting the advancement of AI in many areas. Chief among these is the fact that machines are not good at using abstract reasoning to perform complex-judgment-based tasks and infer deeper levels of meaning from data. 

As flashy as AI may seem, here in 2018, even the most advanced AIs are nowhere close to replicating the abilities of the human brain. One of the core functions of the human brain is the ability to understand other humans and ascribe meaning to their behaviors. This requires a higher-level analysis of cognition that can see the whole from the sum of its parts. What we are essentially talking about here is the science of psychology. 

Human psychology is based on the idea that there are many factors that make each and every individual unique (i.e., “individual differences”). Psychology seeks to study and measure these individual differences in order to understand the reasons for human behavior and make predictions about what individuals will do in certain situations.

When it comes to hiring, the measurement and interpretation of individual differences is essential to predicting if an applicant will be successful or not. Psychologists create hiring assessments specifically for this purpose. For hire-bots to be able to do their job as well or better than humans they are going to have to understand individual differences the same way that humans do. In other words, to be truly game changing, hiring assessment AIs are going to have to think like psychologists.

How Psychologists Measure Individual Differences

Psychologists measure individual differences using a very specific process that centers around the interplay of two things: psychometrics and expert judgment. Psychometrics is: 

“The field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the study of differences between individuals. It involves two major research tasks, namely: (i) the construction of instruments and procedures for measurement; and (ii) the development and refinement of theoretical approaches to measurement.”

Psychometrics provides the tools needed to ensure confidence in the accurate and reliable measurement of the personal attributes that make us who we are (i.e., our personality, attitudes, mental abilities, etc). In psychometric science these attributes are referred to as “constructs”– defined as: ..”a proposed attribute of a person that often cannot be measured directly, but can be assessed using a number of indicators or manifest variables”. Measuring constructs requires a set of expertly constructed tools that can “see below the surface” of a person in order to understand their individual differences. Read more here…

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