7 Companies With Impressive Mentorship Programs

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If you’re not already thinking about finding a mentor, it’s time you start. Research suggests that mentorships can improve a mentee’s career outcomes, leading to greater career satisfaction, more promotions and even higher compensation. But while you can always ask somebody to be your mentor, not every company has a structure in place to lead to truly impactful mentorship opportunities.

Fortunately, the following seven companies understand the importance of mentorships, and have made it a priority to develop programs that allow them to flourish. As a bonus, they’re all hiring — check out their open jobs and apply now!


Company Rating: 3.6

Where Hiring: San Antonio, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Tampa, FL; Colorado Springs, CO; Chesapeake, VA & more

Program Details: USAA has made a commitment to achieving 25 percent military employee representation by 2020, and in order to help them meet that goal, they offer a variety of military mentorship and training programs, such as their Veteran Transition Leadership Development program, a “12-month program [that] develops military veterans whose backgrounds suggest potential as future business leaders.” Other programs include their Enterprise Veteran Sponsor Program, in which experienced vets sponsor and mentor newly hired vets; TEAMFIT, a veteran IT training program; and VETNET, an employee resource group that offers support and networking for vets and their spouses.

2. Bain & Company

Company Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; San Francisco, CA; New York, NY & more

Program Details: Even a quick glance at Bain & Company reviews will reveal how much of an emphasis the company puts on professional development. For example, their affinity groups — Blacks at Bain, Latinos at Bain, BGLAD (a GLBTQ group), Women at Bain and Veterans at Bain — “[offer] their members additional levels of connection via coaching, mentoring and professional development.” Beyond that, the company pairs many of its more junior-level employees (like Summer Associates and Associate Consultants) with experienced professionals for mentoring and coaching opportunities.

3. 3M

Company Rating: 3.9

Where Hiring: Saint Paul, MN; Murray, UT; Irvine, CA; Monroe, NC; Madison, WI & more

Program Details: “From executive, regional and functional mentoring to cause-based and informal, 3M offers a mentorship opportunity appropriate virtually for every individual,” says the company’s career site. These opportunities are offered both informally and formally — if an employee is interested in a formal option, a Human Resource Manager from their department can work with them to help them decide which mentorship program is best for them.

4. GE

Company Rating: 3.6

Where Hiring: Boston, MA; Grand Rapids, MI; San Ramon, CA; Niskayuna, NY; Cincinnati, OH & more

Program Details: Continuous learning is a core part of GE’s culture, so it’s only natural that they would provide so many different mentorship opportunities. One of their notable programs is their Commercial Leadership Program (CLP), a two-year rotational program in sales and marketing designed to foster professional development and leadership skills. Participants in the program are paired with “leaders who will take time out of their schedules to support your development,” and have access to exclusive training summits, courses and networking events. Read more here…

Source: Glassdoor Blog

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