Effective Tips To Become A Successful Recruiter.

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Manpower planning is of utmost importance for a business because it’s one of the basic pillars of any organization says Avdhesh Solanki, the Co-founder of Recooty.

To hire a set of motivated, competitive and more adaptive and flexible Human Resources who ensure continuous and efficient operation to fulfill the objectives of an organization is the main aim of every recruiter. But always is this aim successfully achieved and that is why not every recruiter is a successful recruiter.

Recruiting is definitely quite frustrating but at the same time quite unique and rewarding job. The job of a recruiter is often underestimated. Recruiting is not just only about posting, screening, streamlining and finally hiring. There’s a lot more to hiring and the recruiters who understand this fact and takes actions accordingly are most likely to catch the best of the talents out there.

When it comes to the recruitment process as a whole, there are mainly three areas where candidates must be examined ideally by every recruiter- skills, qualities, and ethics. To be successful in hiring, a recruiter should effectively master all three. But recruitment is a step-by-step process. Every recruiter should be aware of each step and work accordingly towards enhancing the recruitment process.

Here is a step by step guide including the top responsibilities of recruiters in every stage of the hiring process:-

1. The Beginning Of The Recruitment Process 

The beginning of the recruiting process is always important as it determines the smoothness and the future scope of the rest of the hiring.

Here’s some very important advice to start off hiring efficiently which eventually can make a recruiter successful-

(a) Write a Clear Job Description:

The job description is the first impression that recruiters and the organization have on potential candidates. And undoubtedly, the first impression matters. Ideal and effective job descriptions are engaging leads to the right people applying and help recruiters to save their time. Job descriptions should be clear with a clear and precise title. It should be easy to understand and candidates should understand it in the very first reading, using complicated phrases and words may not allow that to happen. Great job descriptions describe the tasks the candidates have to do in a very easily visualizable manner. Describing the benefits and perks of working with the organization in the job description is very important as it gives candidates a compelling reason to apply. Hence to become a successful recruiter, writing a good job description is the very first and important step.

(b) Publish Job Ads Effectively or Use Smart Recruitment Tools

After writing job descriptions, posting job advertisements on various job boards, social media, and careers page is the next important step. Conventional and classic job advertisements are simply dead. Nowadays just informing the potential candidates about any job opening is not enough. A lot much more is needed. As for every other category, the purpose of a job advertisement should also be selling jobs. Recruiters usually do the mistake of stating what they are looking for in the advertisements, a list of responsibilities and duties. To write a good job ad recruiters must shift the focus from the company’s needs and focus on potential candidates, grabbing their attention and convince them to apply. Another good option for recruiters is to use smart recruitment tools or applicant tracking software which publishes job openings to various job boards with a single click.

Source: Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

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