#HRIdea # 7 Simple Resume Writing Tips: Getting Hired in HR

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Getting hired in human resources is a tricky process.

When you get in this team, you’re going to evaluate candidates based on the application documents. But at this point, you’re sending the kind of application documents that you want to evaluate. You have lots to prove and it won’t be easy.

This resume has to be absolutely impressive. Most of all, it should be memorable, so it will stick with the hiring manager for a long time after they are done going through your application.

How do you do it?

We’ll give you seven easy tips that will help you write the perfect resume for a job in HR.

Craft the Perfect Headline

The headline is one of the first things that get the reader’s attention.

We’re not talking about your name and contact information, which you normally position at the top of the page. We’re talking about the headline statement. It tells who you are and what career goals you want to achieve, in a single sentence.

Through this sentence, the hiring manager will immediately recognize you as a promising candidate… if it’s good enough.

Think of it this way: a hiring manager asks you “what makes you perfect for this job?” You have one sentence to answer that question. That’s your resume headline.

HR Professional with Five Years of Experience in Corporate Recruiting

Now that’s the kind of statement that would instantly get a manager’s attention. Of course; what you say has to be 100% true.

Format It Well

Get yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. You plan to be part of a company’s HR team, so this shouldn’t be hard for you.

Do you think this hiring manager has time to go through a chunk of text and extract the relevant details? No. They want a simple, but well-organized format.

For a position in human resources, the reverse-chronological format may be the best. Use big headings that separate the sections of the resume. Use lots of white space, so you’ll make the resume readable. If you can turn this resume into a nice infographic without messing up its clarity, do it. By all means, do it! The right dose of creativity always gets a hiring manager’s attention.

Share Tangible Results

When you apply for a job of this level, you clearly need to share details about where you’ve worked. But this doesn’t mean you’ll just list your previous positions and write the job descriptions. No. You’ll provide specific details about the number of employees these organizations had, and the talent you managed to attract there.

Be strategic. The size of the organizations you worked at indicates the responsibilities you had. Use numbers and facts that the hiring team can easily verify.

Use Important Keywords

Maybe you’re not sending this resume to an open job ad. Maybe you’re sending it just because you want the team of this organization to consider you. Maybe there’s a job ad, but you won’t get the position and you’d still like to be active in the company’s database.

Be active in the company’s database – that’s a goal you’ll achieve if you use proper keywords in the resume. These keywords include the specific job requirements, competencies, skills, and credentials that are relevant to the position you want.

So when the recruiter searches the database using a particular keyword, they can find your resume and contact you. [Cont.]

Source: 7 Simple Resume Writing Tips: Getting Hired in HR

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