Tech-ing Your References: Recruiting Tips For Cultivating A Creative And Capable Tech Workforce

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An ongoing challenge facing nearly every business across the technology sphere is how to identify, hire, cultivate and retain the best talent. Arguably more than in most other fields, the ability to be creative, current and capable of solving problems is just as important as a hard knowledge base and advanced skill set.

By adopting some best practices for attracting and retaining the right kind of talent, your tech company can consistently fuel your business with the best and brightest people.

That process starts by making sure you understand and can evaluate the type of personality you need to take your team and business to the next place.

Yes, hard skills are both important and useful. But the reality is that, with a foundational understanding of key programs and concepts, those skills can be learned. Personality traits, however, don’t change — at least not easily. This is important in an industry where the tools are changing so rapidly. An important coding language you are fluent in might change next year — and then what? If you don’t have fast learners who can put new concepts into operational reality, you could quickly get left behind.

Here are some of the candidate qualities I find crucial as the leader of a technology company myself:

• Tech-savvy: While your engineering team requires different skills than your marketing team, it’s still a good idea to prioritize tech-savvy candidates in the hiring process — no matter the position. Even if a position isn’t directly rooted in tech, the better your entire team understands your processes, the better they’ll be able to sell your product.

• Autonomy and opportunity: I believe the best organizations operate with a high degree of employee autonomy. Technology is an industry where new challenges develop all the time — sometimes daily. In that environment, you need people who won’t get sidetracked when obstacles arise. You want team members who are motivated, not intimidated, by rapid change. By prizing a growth mindset over a fixed mindset, you can build a team that sees change as a learning opportunity […]

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