Inspiring Employees to Give Back

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Wherever you get your Human Resources news and insights, you’ll probably have seen an influx of articles and thought pieces on the developing trend of incorporating altruism into the workplace. Driven predominantly by millennial employees, many offices are seeking out partnerships and link ups that allow their workers to volunteer, donate or give back in some other way to charities, social enterprises and the like.

Why is Altruism in the Workplace Important?

Altruism, in both the workplace and in life, promotes our happiness because finding the time to help others boosts how we personally feel. Whether you are helping an elderly relative or a colleague complete an important project, the very act of stepping up and putting yourself forward to make a difference to someone else’s life changes your own. In the workplace, this sort of endeavor is great for morale, as well as retention of promising talent. Researchers using data from an incredible 49 different countries have discovered a direct link between helping someone at work and someone’s happiness levels. Why is this the case? Simply because the motivation someone feels to make a difference, and the belief that it does make a difference, is associated with greater happiness. Furthermore, altruism in the workplace can boost the level of friendships between colleagues. By helping a fellow member of staff complete an important work task, you can build a strong support system within the office, one which will be reciprocated when you, yourself, are in need.

While it’s the most engaged who are leading the pack, there are many ways you can encourage late adopters to this trend, such as those outlined below.

Motivate Employees with Reward Substitution

The benefits of “giving back” are numerous in a professional setting: working together out of the office builds team spirit, strengthens bonds between colleagues and can increase self-worth and motivation. Read more here…

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