The Modern Workplace: Mastering Communication and Collaboration

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Workforces are more distributed than ever.

Many modern employees work remotely from their homesco-working spaces, and coffee shops. Others work on the go, regularly traveling between different cities and offices.

Coworkers are frequently located in different places, keep different office schedules, and often see each other intermittently.

Distributed workplaces demand an updated way of thinking about communication and collaboration. In this article, we’ll take a look at the modern workplace, sharing within teams, communication technology, and how to encourage collaboration.

What is the modern workplace?

The modern workplace is not a single location. Rather, it’s a network of constantly evolving locations that connects members of an organization. The modern workplace is best described as a flexible, dynamic, and collaborative space powered by technology within which work is done.

Continuous digital transformation and adaptation now drives the success of most business processes, empowering teams to do more with less. This means modern workers aren’t tied to any specific set of tools and are ready to change when the need arises.

The modern workplace has four pillars, each of which is required in order to function properly:

  1. Seamlessness: The workplace must be streamlined, working without friction and with complete interconnection between each member of the workforce and across every division.
  2. Availability: The workplace should be available without fail. A modern workforce should have access to it at any time and from any place, whether they’re working in offices or communicating as remote workers.
  3. Flexibility: The workplace cannot be bound to any single location (or time zone). A modern workforce must have geographical flexibility. The traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5 schedule can’t be forced onto a team working in different time zones and cultures.
  4. Enabling: The workplace must empower teams with the necessary tools to perform their best. A modern workplace should not only allocate adequate resources for new tools, but accompanying training, as well […]

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