5 Things That HR Managers Can Learn from Netflix’s Company Culture

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Netflix is undoubtedly the largest streaming service in the world in terms of both customer base and content library. Its success has been so widespread, that US residents are using VPN services to access their favorite Netflix shows outside their home country where the service is not available (if you want to learn how to watch Netflix outside the US, go here).

However, with such a massive success, one might wonder, what’s the secret sauce here? Well, there are many ingredients really, but one that clearly stands out is company culture.

Netflix’s Company Culture

Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord has played a huge role in the streaming giant’s success. She created a unique work culture which she elaborated in the famous Culture Deck that’s been read millions of times to this date. She has also discussed her style of working and how she sees the company culture in various interviews and podcasts.

Based on an important podcast Hiring, Firing, And People and other equally important references, let’s take a look at the top 5 things that HR managers can learn from Netflix’s company culture:

1. Pattern Recognition and Common Sense are Most Important in HR

Patty said that she looks for patterns when hiring new employees. By observing the performance and behavior of the individuals that are hired, you can make better judgment calls over time, she says. She also believes that “common sense” is really important, which includes making decisions that aren’t just in your own interest but rather the organization you work in and the customers that use your services.

2. You Can’t Compromise Your Dream Team

Netflix has some of the best practices to increase company productivity, there are no two ways to it. One of these is the “Keeper Test” which is a simple test but highly effective nonetheless. Basically, it asks the managers one important question, which is:

If someone from your team tells you that they leaving for a similar job at a different company, would you fight hard to keep there?

If the manager answers this question with a “no”, then the employee in question is given a decent severance package. After all, if an employee really works hard and cares for the company, it means the company needs them too and would fight to prevent them from leaving. Read more here…

Source: Blog – Hppy

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