Inclusive Hiring: Three Tips for Recruitment Success

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Recruiting people with disabilities for your tourism business is easier than you might think—if you think inclusively.

Inclusive recruiting involves reviewing your hiring practices so you’ll have the best chance of attracting diverse candidates. If you already know the business case for hiring people with disabilities and you’ve set up your team for success, it’s time to get going. Here are three tips to move forward.

1. Broaden your talent pool

Candidates will find you if you tell the world that you’re open to hiring inclusively. Develop a statement for your website and job descriptions that convey your inclusive culture. Post in a diversity of places—reach out to disability-service organizations, post-secondary institutions, and share your commitment on social media. Ask your own staff for referrals. “The more public we are about our commitment, the more diverse candidates we get,” says Lisa Beecroft, who owns Gabi & Jules Bakery in Port Moody. Beecroft aims to provide work opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum; out of a staff of 30 employees, 10 have disclosed that they have a disability. Read more here…

Source: Google Alert – Recruiting tips -sports

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