Month: January 2019

Show, Don’t Tell: Use Experiential Interviews to Hire for Fit

If you’ve been in the hiring game for a while, this has probably happened at least once: You come across a great resume, are impressed by the candidate in person, hear them say all the right things in the interview and hire them. Only after they start work do you realize they aren’t the right

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Competency Based Interviews: Your Toolkit for Success

Competency-based interviews can be uncomfortable experiences for many candidates. Questions which begin ‘Tell me about a time when…’ can instil fear in the most experienced and self-assured of applicants.  These types of questions are pretty common these days, particularly within the financial sector. But a little preparation and… Source: Everyone’s Blog Posts – RecruitingBlogs

Get Your Copy of “She Stole My HR Promotion” Plus Three FREE Bonuses Today — Expires on Monday, Feb 4!

by Alan Collins Here’s the deal.  For the last 10 months, I’ve teamed up with Allison Quinn, a fantastic novelist, to produce our very first HR novel. We’ve been working quietly, under the radar, on this milestone fictional tale specifically geared for HR professionals – that has an important message at the end about advancing

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‘Legacy Layoffs’ Begin At AT&T

Business Insider reports AT&T started laying off employees on Monday. A source familiar with the matter says the cuts primarily impacted “legacy parts of the business.” But AT&T has declined to share official layoff figures, or name the parts of the company impacted. There are some areas where demand for legacy services continues to decline,

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