Is Your High-Volume Recruiting Strategy Helping or Harming Your Company?

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A corporate job opening typically receives 250 or more applicants. Even armed with a powerful ATS, recruiters can miss top-quality talent simply due to the sheer volume of resumes they have to process. Improving your high-volume recruiting strategy can help ensure your organization never loses its best candidates in the flood. Here are three ways your current …

Here are three ways your current high-volume recruiting strategy might be harming your search for talent more than helping it:

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1. Recruiters Are Bogged Down With Unnecessary Administrative Duties

Keeping all relevant stakeholders updated on the many moving parts of the recruiting and hiring process can be tedious, taking a lot of time out of a recruiter’s day. In fact, the average in-house recruiter spends almost two hours a day on administrative tasks alone! While some of these tasks are certainly important, problems arise when administrative duties outweigh a recruiter’s real job: making connections and finding the very best candidates for the role.

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