Month: April 2019

Healthcare Industry Consolidation: Are Expert Workforce Partners Needed?

The single largest investment for healthcare organizations is the workforce, accounting for more than half of the operating budgets for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare facilities. When health systems consolidate, one of the major challenges they face is integrating, managing and optimizing their much larger workforce. Success in this endeavor is critically important. The

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Bias in Recruiting AI, and How to Beat It

There is a lot of talk about the way AI will influence hiring. There is a lot of discussion if it should, since there is great risk. And we’ve seen some of the risk, like with Amazon’s algorithm that simply downgraded female achievements. Recently, Christoph Fellinger, head of strategic talent acquisition at German giant Beiersdorf,

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The Difference Between Recruiting Millennials and Gen Z

Generations are a funny thing and a concept that we have yet to define in concrete terms. No, seriously. By most accounts, it means something nebulous like “all of the people born and living at about the same time, taken collectively.” Doesn’t exactly give you a lot to work with, and yet, when millennials rolled

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