Month: May 2019

5 Steps for Attracting and Keeping the Youngest in the Workforce

Your goal is to make your company indispensable to today’s “talentsumers,” who are consumers of an experience at work quite different than what many workplaces provide. In many cases, though of course not all cases, these are young people. Here are some suggestions for telling people why they wouldn’t want to work anywhere else on

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I tired an Impossible Burger and Here’s my opinion…

So, I’ve been hearing for a while all the great publicity of the Impossible Burger (or other plant-based meat products). I even got pictures sent to me by my friend Laurie Ruettimann who was cooking Beyond Burgers and Sausages over the holiday weekend. It seems like meatless burgers that taste like real meat burgers are

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Interview with Vinay Johar, CEO at Rchilli

Vinay is a Serial Entrepreneur and currently running his third venture – RChilli. RChilli is known for providing parsing, matching and enrichment to every recruitment management system, making sure that resume data is captured, managed and analyzed in the most proficient manner. Before this, he was running a consultancy company called e-Connoisseur Infotech Pvt. Ltd. which was into

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