Month: July 2019

What Law & Order Can Teach Us About Recruitment Marketing: The Audio Tag

Look around. How many people around you are wearing headphones right now? Have you noticed how many people are walking around your office with various flavors of earphones and airpods and isolating headphones? The market for speakers, be they wireless, smart, or otherwise has exploded. By itself, Spotify has more than 217 million customers, and

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Episode 191: The Great #SHRM Debate

In case you’ve missed the drama unfolding after SHRM CEO Johnny C. Taylor Jr. took an aggressive posture at a conference in January, defending the organization’s participation in White House initiatives and associations with individuals some members find objectionable, you can catch up on Twitter with the hashtag #FixItSHRM. It’s something that everyone is talking

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Whose Opinion Matters Most in the Interview? Yours.

You’ve clearly identified the type of company you’d love to work for, the kinds of projects you’d like to be involved with, and the impact you’d like to make. You’ve tweaked your resume, networked your heart out, and sent your strategically crafted cover letters to the right people. And now you have the interview! Gulp. For most people,

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