READ – If You Were Surplussed At AT&T And Short Of 75 points

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Many Managers should use this before hiring me (Recruiter) when surplussed from AT&T

If you incurred an AT&T Surplus, MGMT Termination of Employment due to a layoff or involuntary reduction in work force,  and you are rehired within two (2) years after your Termination of Employment, the absence will not be a break in service.

In addition, the following rules apply: If you are re-employed… Then… Following a period of absence of six (6) months or less in any 12-month period  THEN   

Your Term of Employment will include that period of absence.

Following a break in service of more than six (6) months in any 12-month period

Your Term of Employment will not include that period of absence.

If you have more than one absence during a 12-month period and the total absences are greater than six (6) months

You will not receive credit for the final period of absence that takes the total over six (6) months or any subsequent leaves within the twelve (12) month period, until you have been re-employed for twelve (12) months.