Month: September 2019

Memorable Moments From LinkedIn’s Talent Connect: the Pledge to Help Others, and the Program for Prisoners

Last week 4,684 or so talent acquisition and HR practitioners from around the world gathered in Dallas, Texas, to attend LinkedIn’s 10th annual Talent Connect. Quite a few professionals attending the event in the Lone Star State had also been at SourceCon in Atlanta that same week, and would also soon be heading to D.C.

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Before Your Throw Away That Long, Boring Pre-employment Test …

While the topic of candidate engagement and experience with assessment has been written about many times before, the stakes are higher than ever. The prime directive for talent acquisition is providing an excellent candidate experience across the board because:    Unemployment is historically low — creating a seller’s market for candidates and intense competition for talent. Competition

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Thank You For Registering For Our Webinar

Thanks for registering for our webinar, HR Success Formula – Get Qualified Leads This webinar will be available: 5 Day Event: October 21-25th, 2019 at 1 PM EST (12 PM CST, 10 AM PST) RESOURCES Episode 172: Fostering a Culture of Creativity at Work The Power of Practicing Mindfulness at Work and in Life Trip Action

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