Employee Halloween Costumes Can Give HR a Scare

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Deciding whether to allow employees to dress up for Halloween can be a tricky question. Every year we see costumes in the news that cause public uproar. You don’t want the news article to be about one of your employees. Think through the issue carefully before you decide.

Keep the Spirit in Check

First, consider whether dressing up for Halloween is consistent with your company’s culture and customer expectations. Second, express to employees that they shouldn’t feel compelled to participate. If they do participate, they should dress in accordance with your antiharassment or productive workplace policy. Suggesting that an employee exercise good judgment likely doesn’t go far enough. Instead, you can provide ideas of costumes that are off-limits.

Management, as well as employees, should consider the following:

Are Certain Costumes Ghoulish in My Industry?

In some industries, the typical Halloween costume could come off as distasteful. As an example, dressing up as a ghost or skeleton could not work in many settings, such as nursing homes or hospitals. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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