Ep 49 – Monster.com Data Breach. Who’s to Blame?

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Data security is something I don’t think we talk enough about within our HR and recruiting technology and systems. Candidates and employees trust us to keep their data safe. It’s something I’m thinking a lot about especially with the increase in the gig economy. Now many of us, including myself are trust companies like Favor, Instacart and scooter companies like Lime and Bird to keep our social security numbers safe. I tried being a scooter charger. I was interested in what the candidate experience was like and I put my trust in an organization to keep my social security number safe. The experience of being a charger for Bird was a lot of work and I was able to experience the onboarding and engagement process for a gig worker which was very enlightening.

When it comes to data security, it’s not always the employers or contracting companies I’m worried about. It’s the third party companies who also have access to your data. Read more here…

Source: Workology

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