Why pre-employment background checks are important

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How well do you know the man standing next to you in the elevator. Or the woman sitting next to you during the Monday conference call? How well do any of them know you?

You have a vested interest in making sure your employees have the skills they say they have. Finding out too late that an employee concealed certain facts could have a lasting, negative impact on other employees, your customers and your bottom line.

As an employer committed to creating and sustaining a healthy workplace culture, you want your employees to be confident that they’re working alongside people they can trust.

The very first step you can take to strengthen and preserve that trust are thorough, professional pre-employment background checks for job applicants.

Why pre-employment background checks are important

The purpose of a background check isn’t to try to catch an applicant in a lie. Some people might forget all the places they’ve lived in the last seven years or the number of jobs they’ve held in the last five years.

The purpose of the check is to get a comprehensive and clear picture of the person you want to join your company.

Finding the right fit

Do they fit with your culture? Will they get along with their co-workers?

If they have a few problems in their past, discussing those issues during the hiring process is often a better indicator of their character than a dozen standard interview questions.

But the hiring process is the best time to exercise caution and be circumspect about a candidate’s history.

You spend thousands of dollars to hire, on-board and train new employees. Getting the right person the first time will not only save you time and money, it will also establish a track record with your employees to trust that your process is effective the next time a new person joins the team. Read more here…

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