What Is Peer-to-Peer Recognition?

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Peer-to-peer recognition is a form of feedback that comes from employees’ peers rather than superiors. In other words, it’s input from others at employees’ own levels or others they work with.

Peer-to-peer recognition can be useful in giving employees more feedback and recognition, as the input comes directly from those they interact with the most. It’s generally promoted as a way to give positive feedback to others or show appreciation for coworkers. However, it does have pros and cons, which we’ll look at next.

Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Here are some of the benefits of using peer-to-peer recognition:

  • It can be a way for employees to receive more feedback and recognition than their direct supervisor would have time to provide.
  • Because employees are receiving feedback from people they work with frequently, it can be more immediate.
  • It can make the culture more supportive and collaborative and foster better teamwork. Read more here… 

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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