4 Ways Your Organization Can Work with Its Local Community

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Millennials now make up the bulk of the workforce, and most of them want to work for socially responsible employers.

Consider these statistics compiled by the website, Chief Learning Officer:

  • 75% of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company.
  • 76% of Millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments before deciding where to work.
  • 64% of Millennials won’t take a job if a potential employer doesn’t have strong corporate responsibility practices.

If you’re interested in attracting and retaining Millennial employees, you’ll want to consider working with your local communities to promote socially responsible practices and programs. Here are four ways your organization can work with its local community.

1. Leverage Paid Volunteer Opportunities

With the average workweek now exceeding 40 hours, employees are facing difficulties in finding time to volunteer with organizations or for causes they care about on their own time. So, give your employees paid opportunities to volunteer with or at organizations in your local community during regular working hours.

For example, an employee could leave work an hour early once a week to help with after-school programs during the school year but still be paid for that hour of work.

2. Partner with Local Nonprofits for Large-Scale Events or Projects

Your organization can partner with local nonprofits for local food drives, toy drives, etc., especially during the holidays and summer months. Better yet, your organization can partner with local nonprofits to host galas, banquets, bake sales, etc., to earn proceeds or collect donations that go directly to the work that nonprofit does in your local community […]

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