5 Skills Every Employee Should Have or Acquire Ahead of 2020

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In today’s workforce, upskilling employees is necessary and unavoidable if you want your organization to remain competitive and profitable.

As you upskill your own employees or begin to hire more employees, here are five skills you’ll want to make sure they have.

1. Emotional Intelligence Skills

According to a Career Builder survey, 71% of employers said they valued candidates’ emotional intelligence (EI) skills over their IQ. And moving forward, employers are much more likely to hire and promote individuals with developed EI skills.

This is because emotionally intelligent employees foster better communications inside the workplace, know how to mitigate stress and avoid heated disagreements, build better relationships with one another and with customers, and more.

2. Communication and Language Skills

Along with EI skills, employees must learn more about how to effectively communicate with one another, their partners, bosses, clients, etc., as well as improve their overall language skills.

And they will need to boost their skills of persuasion, collaboration, and adaptability to be productive and efficient in today’s ever-changing and agile workforce, which requires advanced communication and language skills.

3. Creativity and Critical Thinking

As robots, automation, and artificial intelligence begin to take over more mundane and administrative-type tasks across industries and workplaces, human beings will need to become more creative and innovative.

In addition, employees will need to become more adept at critical thinking to solve real-world problems and challenges that technology can’t solve […]

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