Compliance Does Not Have To Be Frightening

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Kronos cartoon new driver teen with frightened Dad who looks like he does when thinking about HR compliance

Compliance is a necessary part of business. Accounting departments have to be compliant. Manufacturing processes have regulations they need to follow. Organizations have rules they need to adhere to. And of course, human resource departments have compliance matters they must also follow.

The point is, compliance is a part of the work we do. Today’s Time Well Spent from our friends at Kronos illustrates how we should spend our time finding ways to make compliance easier instead of getting angry, frustrated, or worried about it.

Technology can help us monitor compliance. One of the best things about today’s technology solutions is that compliance is being built in. As a user, we don’t have to remember all of the compliance related matters because they’re accounted for in the programming. For example, good technology engages an algorithm when it comes to calculating hours for benefits eligibility or overtime.

Employees need the right outlook about compliance. IMHO, there’s no reason to make compliance a villain. Yes, there will be laws we don’t like, but there will also be some that we’re very happy to have. Employees should not be placed in a position where being compliant is drudgery or something that only the “uncool” kids do. No employee should be asked to bend or break the rules for the company […]

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