Month: November 2019

Survivor Checklist: How Your Spouse can Receive Boeing Benefits After Your Death

We all want our family to be taken care of, and my clients are no different. Several of my Boeing (BA) clients have asked me about survivor benefits. They want to make sure that their significant other would be financially stable in the event of their death. I decided to post about this because I

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How to Recover From A Job Loss From AT&T

Losing your job can leave a bitter aftertaste, but when one door closes another one opens. Whether you’ve been surplussed, down sized right sized, laid off, fired, or forced retirement, a job loss can be very devastating. Your career, finances and self-esteem can all be hit hard and in an instant, doubt and uncertainty wipe

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READ – If You Were Surplussed At AT&T And Short Of 75 points

Many Managers should use the AT&T surplus bridging and re hire rules before hiring me, a Recruiter, when surplussed from AT&T. Why? Because you may find it better to stay at AT&T and bridge your Mod-75 before completely severing your relationship from AT&T. As we have stated in past AT&T Pension articles, It is important

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