The Upside of Breaking Down Boundaries Between Work and Personal Lives

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Meet Lori Dipprey, the first Chief People Officer at Pariveda Solutions. Her career path has taught her many valuable lessons, including making room for an intersection between home and work for the benefit of both.

How did you feel about becoming the first chief people officer at your organization?

“It was great! It gave me the opportunity to craft the role from scratch and really define it in a way that aligned with how Pariveda thought differently about our people. I was very passionate about not calling this role a CHRO and instead calling it Chief People Officer. People are at the heart of our mission which is growing people to their fullest potential.”

Yes, I’m seeing that trend more frequently now. On one hand, it’s just a title, but on the other hand, it signifies a lot more than that. What is the difference for you between HR and chief people officer?

“To me, HR tends to address things around people but not the people themselves. I wanted it to be about doing everything for our people. Also, I just don’t love that people refer to humans as ‘resources’ because it indicates that we are a resource; we can be ‘useful.’ I just don’t feel like that addresses the human element of who we are.”

Your company’s all about finding people’s potential and maximizing it. Did you find your own potential in yourself? Or did someone help you see that and encourage you?

“I would definitely say that it required someone else to help me truly find it in myself. Some of that’s my personality, but also, I think it’s just human to have blind spots. It absolutely took others helping me realize my potential and recognize my strengths, recognizing areas in which I could grow but also how I can add value. It wasn’t just a single person; it truly takes a village.”

How do you think that learning and company culture are aligned?

“That’s a good question. I would say not everyone recognizes that the two should be aligned. If you’re focused on having your employees learn something that is counter to the culture you say you have, then your culture isn’t what you say it is. I think learning is a huge mechanism for reinforcing and aligning people to your culture.

“I believe culture is made up of norms and behaviors that we want to embody as an organization and within the individual. As we’re learning, we should be reinforcing those norms. The more we do that, the stronger the culture will be and the more visible that culture will be. This is especially true in consulting. Our brand and our culture are very visible through the people who work for us.” […]

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