For a Better Employee Experience, It’s Time to Rebrand HR

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The world of work evolves continuously, introducing new HR practices and methods into its landscape almost daily. Because of these changes, startups and established companies alike are beginning to reevaluate the role of HR, the importance of company culture, and the impact one has on the other.

In a nutshell, the current wisdom is that culture and HR should work in tandem to enhance the employee experience, which in turn should attract and retain more top talent as a result.

But how exactly do culture and HR work together to create an appealing employee experience? We know HR plays a key role in the networking and hierarchical functions of a company, such as payroll and daily admin tasks. Increasingly, however, culture efforts are becoming a top priority of HR departments. HR and people leaders are now notably responsible for fun days and off-site events, social connections between employees, and staff inclusion.

The trouble is 70 percent of employees believe HR can do a better job fostering a positive company culture, according to a survey conducted by my company, Hibob. At a time when culture may be more important to recruitment and retention than ever, employees feel HR teams are ineffective.

What’s the problem, and how can we fix it?

HR’s Culture Challenge

Forty-eight percent of respondents to our survey said they felt indifferent about the role of HR, and 18 percent even said HR actually detracts from their experience at work. Additionally, employees consider less than 15 percent of their coworkers to be friends, and we know a lack of friends at work often correlates with a negative workplace culture.

In a past Hibob survey, 77 percent of respondents said culture is extremely important, and 69 percent said they would reconsider a job offer if a company’s employees seemed bunt out. In light of this, HR’s influence on the employee experience cannot be neglected. In a candidate-centric talent market where employees will have a relatively easy time changing jobs if they’re dissatisfied, HR and management must prioritize team-building and company-wide connection and collaboration to both improve the culture […]

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