Why Your Company Needs to Focus on Internal Customers

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Exceptional customer service is a major selling point for companies that can do it well. Companies like Ritz-Carlton, Harley Davidson, and Disney are often held up as models of customer service in their respective industries, which has helped them develop and maintain strong brand positions around the globe. 

Specifically, strong customer service can help a business retain customers, generate new business, increase spend per customer, boost the company brand, and even improve the confidence and morale of employees.

Internal Customers Matter, Too

The vast majority of the discussion around customer service focuses on relationships between internal customer-facing staff and external customers, whether at the business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) level. Obviously, this is an extremely important component of customer service; however, it isn’t the only element.

Everyone within an organization works with internal “customers,” who could be superiors in the reporting chain, subordinates, or colleagues from another business unit.

When an operations manager agrees to assist a sales manager with process improvements the sales manager feels will benefit customer acquisition, the sales manager is an internal customer of the operations manager. When the finance department asks for data from the marketing team, the finance department is an internal customer of that team.

While the dynamic between internal customers and their internal contacts is different in many important ways from the dynamic between a customer-facing employee and a true external customer in the traditional sense of the term, the basic concept of good customer service can be put to good use when working with internal customers.

We’ve spoken to a number of industry experts as part of our discussion of customer service concepts for internal customers. Here, we share some of their insights and observations.

Set Expectations for Cooperation and Collaboration

Far too many companies are extremely siloed and fenced off internally. The marketing department, finance department, operations department, etc., all act as their own independent organizations. This is particularly true of lower- and mid-level roles, wherein cross-department interaction and organization-level strategic activities aren’t necessarily part of the job function […]

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