5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Next Recruiting Firm

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There are 20,000 recruiting and staffing firms in the United States. But you knew that — it seems like they all contact you every week!

The point is you have options when it comes to selecting a recruiting partner for your next search. Perhaps too many options: It can be overwhelming to find the right recruiter, especially considering you need one because you’re so busy to begin with!

I have two pieces of good news for you:

  1. There are many hardworking, eager recruiters out there, which means there is more than one right answer when it comes to choosing the right one for your company.
  2. You can quickly generate a short list if you assess your options according to the five criteria below.

These criteria are based on my experience over the past 10 years advising the leaders of recruiting, staffing, and executive search firms (some you likely know) on their marketing — and on the 2,274 scheduled meetings (a real number as of this article) I’ve had over the past two years with company and HR leaders who are considering working with a recruiter.

1. A Fee That Makes Both Parties Happy

The average recruitment fee comes in around 22 percent, but it can be “fun” to see how low you can get an agency to go.

Sure you want a low fee — but do you want to be the lowest-paying client of a firm that works off commission? Be careful how far you negotiate a firm down. They’ll have to do something to save that money they’re no longer getting from you, and that could translate to cutting corners. They may chase the signed agreement and then not be motivated to actually fill the role.

No one wants to overpay, but if you have to negotiate hard to get to the fee you want, maybe that firm isn’t right for your needs.

2. A Guarantee That Makes Sense

A 90-day guarantee is the industry standard, and it’s troubling how easily some firms will drop their fees but refuse to extend their guarantees. Not. Even. A. Single. Day.

The amount of time a firm is willing to stand behind a placement can not only have a major impact on your recruiting budget, but it can also speak volumes about how they view your partnership. Figure out how long it takes you to truly assess the success of a new hire and make sure that’s your guarantee minimum […]

Source: Recruiter.com – Daily Articles and News

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