Attract Top Talent With These 5 Essential Modern Office Features

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Offices are changing. Gone are the days of cubicles and water cooler networking. Corner offices are passé, and old coffee makers just don’t cut it anymore.

The evolution of the office is about more than just design trends. Our office environments affect our health, well-being, and productivity. They change the way we work.

As recruitment and retention grow more competitive, job seekers are looking beyond standard salaries and basic benefits when evaluating job opportunities. The office environment you provide can be a massive differentiator with today’s top talent.

But it takes more than an open floor plan and cold brew on tap to keep employees satisfied. Here are five key office design features that will make your workplace stand out:

1. Parent’s Rooms

A parent’s room can take many forms, because it serves a number of incredibly important purposes.

As one example, more than 80 percent of mothers nurse their newborns and continue to do so for months after birth. At the same time, one in four mothers are right back to work just 10 days after giving birth (a parental leave issue in and of itself that merits its own article). You shouldn’t expect your best employees to hide in closets or bathrooms to breastfeed and pump; a parent’s room can be the perfect solution.

Additionally, new moms often face pregnancy discrimination and have to push for the most basic parental benefits. By offering a parent’s room, your company designates itself as one that will actually be there for its employees.

2. Gender-Neutral, Accessible Bathrooms

Inclusion and diversity aren’t just buzzwords. If companies want to walk the walk, they need to build offices that support the varied needs of all their employees. Restroom access is a necessity for each and every employee, and a lack of accessible facilities is a blatant disadvantage for your company in the talent market.

If office cubicles are obsolete, so are standard bathroom setups that only cater to the gender binary. Companies must offer bathrooms for people of every gender identity and all forms of ability. Such spaces don’t necessarily have to be the only bathrooms available in the office, but they do need to exist in some form […]

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