Ep 204 – Influencer Inclusion in Human Resources

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Inclusion is a common pain point across all industries and it’s something we think about a lot as HR leaders. How do we develop programs that make all feel welcome, whether we’re focused on candidates or employees? How do we walk the walk and talk the talk? This podcast interview is about a different kind of inclusion and that is the form of inclusion and recognition if you are interested in becoming influential in human resources or recruiting.

Episode 204: Inclusion in Human Resources (@socialmicole)

Today I’m joined by Micole Garatti, founder of SocialMicole.com. Micole has spent the past several years working to improve HR through improving Influencer Relations in the human capital management industry. Most recently, she created The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List,  featuring over 150 leaders in the Human Resources industry, from HR professionals, recruiters, diversity and inclusion specialists, technologists, consultants, to HR tech marketers.

What Is Influencer Marketing Means in Human Resources?

The influencer space is big business especially in the consumer marketplace. In 2019, experts predict that influencer making spend will be in excess of $6.5 billion. In the HR space, that’s a small microcosm of the world, but one that is very complicated as Micole points out in the podcast interview. Not everyone is an expert in employee relations, FLSA or HSA and human resources technology […]

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