Revisiting Your Training Program

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Employee training can be time-consuming, and employees in any field are incentivized and encouraged to find efficiencies wherever possible. It’s therefore not surprising that many companies end up using the same training materials year after year.

But this can be a mistake, as businesses and the industries and overall economy they operate in can change dramatically over time. It’s important to regularly revisit and reevaluate training approaches and training materials.

Here are some basic tips for reviewing and regularly updating training programs.

Measure Results

Measuring the effectiveness of employee training programs is essential for their own sake, but these measurements are also important when evaluating potential changes to training programs.

For example, if aptitude in a certain skill doesn’t improve after training, the training should be reevaluated to improve results.

But measures need to be meaningful and directly related to the training activity to have value.

Survey Participants

In addition to objective measurements, participants’ input can be extremely valuable in considering whether changes to training are necessary. Conducting a need assessment can offer relevant insights.

The format can be very straightforward and include basic questions about what participants liked or disliked in the training, what they found to be effective, and what they would change about the program […]

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