The Departure of McDonald’s CHRO:  4 Tough Lessons for HR Leaders…

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by Alan Collins 

This article is NOT pleasant.

It is brutally candid.

And absolutely critical for you to read if you currently are (or aspire to be) a top HR leader…whether you agree with it or not!

With that said, let’s get started.

As everyone on the planet knows by now, McDonald’s recently fired its CEO.  And shortly thereafter, they announced the sudden departure of the CHRO that reported to him. 


Very few people outside of McDonald’s saw these two moves coming.

Before getting into the HR leadership lessons we can all learn from this episode, here’s how the Wall Street Journal reported this story:

McDonald’s said its top human-resources executive has left the company, days after the burger giant fired its CEO, Steve Easterbrook, because of his relationship with an employee that violated the company’s code of conduct.

McDonald’s said Chief People Officer David Fairhurst left the company on Monday, without providing any details of the reasoning behind his departure. A McDonald’s representative said Mr. Fairhurst’s exit was not related to the firing of Mr. Easterbrook.

New CEO Chris Kempczinski said in an email to employees Monday that Mr. Fairhurst was moving on from McDonald’s after 15 years of service, and had helped enhance the company’s brand.

Mr. Fairhurst didn’t respond to requests for comment. He had worked for Mr. Easterbrook for McDonald’s in the U.K. and was promoted to the top human-resources job by Mr. Easterbrook soon after he became CEO in 2015.

Here’s my take: We’ll never know the true reasons why the CHRO left.  Clearly, he worked closely for years with the CEO who was fired for an inappropriate relationship.  Did this play a role in his sudden decision to leave or not? […]

Source: Success in HR

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