5 Hard Questions to Gauge the Health of Your Workplace Culture

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Here’s the truth: Workplace cultures define themselves, no matter how hard you try to rewrite the story. What’s more, problematic cultures stand out more than positive ones. For many of us, the culture our company aspires to likely doesn’t quite match the reality.

It’s hard for organizations to fix broken cultures, and those internal fissures can take a toll.  First impressions count, and in today’s interconnected world, negative news travels fast.

If your company is in need of a culture fix, now is the time to act. Here are five questions that will help you gauge the health of your workplace culture:

1. Do we actually have a culture?

According to Deloitte, only 12% of workers actually understand their company culture. And a Gallup study finds that just 41% of employees know what makes their workplace unique. You can tell employees about the culture you aspire to — but if you want to know what it’s really like, ask your people. You may be surprised by the answers.

2. Have our core values made their way into our daily culture?

One key driver of culture is a company’s set of core values — that is, as long as they’re actually honored. Check to see whether your values are being reflected in the day-to-day work people do.

For instance, if one of your core values is creative innovation, survey managers to learn how much collaboration and idea-sharing goes on and examine team and company workflows. If a core value is diversity, assess how diverse your workplace really is, looking at the current makeup and the past year’s hires. Read more here…

Source: Indeed Blog

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