Companies Have to Be Better People to Get Great People

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Two Supreme Court decisions from 2010 and 2014 gave freedoms and powers to corporations that had until then been reserved for individuals within the United States. The long and short of those decisions have been encapsulated in a common phrase: corporations are people. If corporations really are people, what kind of people are they? The answer to that questions has begun to matter more than ever before.

Examples of companies behaving monstrously are easy to find, and those organizations would be considered very bad people indeed. However, things seem to be changing according to expert Sheridan Orr, VP of CultureIQ. In a recent interview, we tackled this apparent change, as well as the source and critical importance of that change.

Why Things Have Changed

The move toward better organizations can be clouded by those bad actors who poorly represent businesses in general. However, a lot of positive changes have come about in recent years. Organizations, particularly Fortune 500 companies, are innovating new benefits, being more flexible, and offering better entry-level pay rates, among other things. But what has driven these changes? According to Orr, “So many of the businesses that are thriving today, their main asset is their people and you have to take care of them if you want to continue to thrive.” In other words, taking care of your employees is no longer just something that is nice to do; it’s something that makes for stronger, better performing enterprises. Read more here… 

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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