Shaping Better Workplaces Through Social Media Screening

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Shaping Better Workplaces Through Social Media Screening

“Who hired THAT guy?” Social media scandals can create nightmares for your public relations team, but what happens internally when the same behavior affects the workplace both on and offline? Intolerance, sexism, and violence are leading concerns at all levels of the employee lifecycle. From talent acquisition to diversity and inclusion managers, people management is tasked with finding and nurturing not only the right culture fit but trustworthy contributors to safe and productive workplaces. This means weeding out those who have an active, public history of discrimination. By utilizing better screening practices, you take on an active role in sorting out conduct unbecoming of your company’s policies and values. Further, efficiently leveraging social media data can help accomplish values-based goals without giving up a positive employee experience, and in fact, enhancing it.

Integrating Diversity & Inclusion into the Talent Acquisition Framework

Moving the conversation of diversity and inclusion to the front of the employee lifecycle, can feel like overlapping two very different worlds. On the one hand, acquiring talent is in the business of reviewing who someone was before becoming an employee and inclusion leaders often focus their efforts on the existing employee experience. A climbing trend has been to include the diversity and inclusion conversation at the top of the employee funnel. The challenge most organizations face is how to implement that integration and what tangible measurements both teams can take away. Though talent acquisition focuses on “culture fit” through many avenues, behavioral interviews not being least, background screening is a tool that can deliver that type of intangibility to a data point that two teams can align with to support core company values. Read more here…

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