Lawsuit Alert: Most Feel Their Termination Was Unjust

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Part of ordinary business operations involves letting employees go. How you let them go and, perhaps more importantly, how they feel about being let go can have a large impact on what happens next. You don’t have to be an expert to understand that when former employees feel their termination was unjust, they are far more likely to sue. Therefore, a recent poll’s finding that 61% of people don’t believe their termination was justified should be of great concern.

The study, conducted by ResumeLab and called “From Fired to Hired,” sought to learn more about what happens to people when they are let go. The findings of this survey can help recruiters understand more about hiring those who recently lost their jobs. Additionally, HR managers can learn more about what the recently fired are going through to help anticipate and address difficulties, which can lead to a reduction in termination-related lawsuits.

Where Do They Go?

Recruiters might be interested to learn that when employees are fired, 53% of them move to a new industry. If you are looking for employees specifically within your industry, this research suggests there might be available streams of useful employees coming from other industries. Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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