5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Recruitment Practices

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Artificial Intelligence software is about to revolutionize the recruitment and hiring process. Discover how the recruitment industry will change and whether AI tools will displace traditional HR managers

A commonly held misconception is that Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humans. In fact, the primary purpose of AI is to facilitate repetitive tasks that so many employees have to do at work. AI tools are now literally used in all major industries, from healthcare to retail trade. The benefits of artificial intelligence are numerous and generally allow businesses to progress much more quickly and deliver better results. However, besides technical assistance, AI is also good at dealing with human resources. In particular, the latest artificial intelligence software lets HR managers find the most qualified personnel significantly faster.

AI technology drives plenty of positive changes in recruitment practices. Here are five basic advantages that recruiters will get with the adoption of AI tools.

Reduced hiring time

When a software development company has over 1,000 staff posts, a small part of jobs remains open on an ongoing basis. These vacant positions require an extensive search for candidates. Hiring one candidate typically takes 2 to 6 weeks because a recruiter needs to go through dozens of CVs before choosing a few individuals that seem most suitable for a specific post.

By contrast, AI tools for online recruitment can screen vast candidate databases within a minute and offer you a list of the right applicants. The use of AI technology in employment helps companies to cut down on the time and costs they normally spend to fill empty positions. This advantage protects your business from losses involved with employee resignation and allows outperforming competitors on the market. Read more here…

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