How to Make Work More Meaningful

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Given that unemployment levels are quite low, retention is a major focus in today’s HR world. One aspect of employees’ satisfaction and retention is how meaningful they find their work.

People want to feel like they’re making a positive difference in the world. Yet a lot of jobs don’t enable employees to feel like they’re having a positive impact. Thankfully, there are steps employers can take to influence this.

How Employers Can Influence the Way Employees View Their Work

Here are a few ways employers can make a difference in how employees view their work:

  • Ensure employees understand how their role fits into the organization’s vision and mission.
  • Give employees the flexibility to choose some aspects of their workday or workload. This can allow people to incorporate things that are important to them and allows them to keep their work interesting.
  • Show employees they’re trusted. A couple ways you can do this include allowing flexibility on how work is completed and giving assignments without too much detail on how the goal must be accomplished. Read more here… 

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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