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11 Years ago my career and life course correct came.  It shifted almost overnight.  I needed to get back into staffing, and staffing found me.  It was a match made in heaven that has since paved the way for everything else I have done.  Along the way lessons have been learned, life has happened, change has come, and balance has become even more important, albeit a lesson I am still learning.  On a windy day having taken a ride up the mountain via a Gondola overlooking the Great Lake Tahoe I found myself Thankful, Thoughtful and reflective on what had led me to where I found myself – I took this picture on another trip where I could again count my blessings for staffing and what it had done in my life and career.  It was a welcome change.  In really my first blog post via RBC I was able to take a few minutes for self reflection why I love staffing itself, and why I like helping people with their careers.

Fast forward to 2019, November turning into December and I couldn’t be anymore reflective than I was back then.  Much has changed in 11 years.  I find myself in Utah vs. CA, my family is bigger now – adding 2 more children.  My life is more complex.  I have more choices to make daily and more to balance than I did 11 years ago.  In the midst of the changes that have come I have still managed to find career success.  I have spoken at Recruiting Conferences, and have found myself in amazing places.  It has given me a comfort level in public speaking and leadership I didn’t possess before.  

But today this complexity of my day to day adds a new wrinkle in my life.  How to balance many areas:

  • A Church Leadership role where I have multiple facets of things that I am called to help others with daily where I am called upon to serve others.
  • More responsibility at work as I have new projects, and niche roles that I am recruiting for.
  • A more complex family scenario that requires that I balance and find time to be with my children and wife.  And when with them a requirement that I focus more on their needs.
  • Balancing a Professional Association volunteer capacity.
  • Time to exercise and focus on Physical goals I have.
  • Still find time for Professional Development whenever possible.
  • A desire to continue to build my brand in all areas of my life.

The complexity of my life as I have grown in my career has become even more fundamental in need for balance.  Suddenly, in order to satisfy multiple areas of responsibility comes a new reality – that my time is finite, that I only have so much time to go around, and must be strategic about my approach.  Never at any time of my life in the midst of changing fortunes have I realized that to sort out my priorities requires much fortitude, not to mention faith.  It is here within the last few weeks my mind wandered while day dreaming back to the time I stood in Lake Tahoe looking down on the Lake that had given me so much inspiration all those years before. Then it clicked – the Big Picture.

While one looks down from up above in Lake Tahoe you get the full vantage point of a pure gem of nature.  A great deal of beauty is in front of you.  You also take stock for a moment and it causes you to count your blessings.  Today I do the same.  Count my blessings for all I am engaged with, for all I am a part of, and for all that I have experienced.  But a lesson has come full circle in recent weeks – that is my Church Leadership role where I have invested time and energy to find a rhythm to help others.  It is a welcome thing, it gives me challenges I have not yet experienced, yet also helped me find solutions that I would have never imagined in certain settings.

As one takes stock of a photo – the big picture emerges.  One could say that a “Big Picture” focus is strategic in nature, it’s also part of a plan. In my life there have been many plans – but when I simplify my life and focus on key strategic goals for my Long Term Plan – in other words the “Big Picture” I see strategically in my life areas needing to be reached.  Suddenly, life is more clear and meaningful, you don’t rush things, you stay focused and goal orientated.  

The Long Term Strategic Vision you carry for multiple areas of your life can be an enormously powerful thing.  It can transform life faster than anything you realize.  If you set a goal and gradually, even patiently push the needle forward for the long term strategic goal in any assignment, in any endeavor, suddenly life transforms […]

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