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Unemployment numbers are low and organizations are regularly expressing frustration when it comes to finding candidates. But make no mistake, that doesn’t mean every job seeker is having an easy time finding their next opportunity.

Conducting a job search is hard work. And it’s time consuming. The goal for a job seeker isn’t simply to find a job. It’s to get multiple offers. If you’re currently looking for a new opportunity or considering a change in 2020, you might want to get some career advice from professionals.

In addition to the resources that the Challenger Career Help Hotline can provide, I hope you find these HR Bartender articles helpful.

Job Seekers: The Goal Is to Get Multiple Job Offers

Did you know that your goal should be multiple job offers? You should not count on one job or one company. It may not work out.

12 Things that Recruiters are Looking for Right Now

Recruiters share their list of things that job seekers do well, need to do better, and should start doing now. No more guesswork! This list is developed by full-time professional recruiters.

Use Games to Find Your Next Job

Now you can use games to find your next job. Criteria Corp and partner ZipRecruiter have a new app called JobFlare. Six games help match you with a job.

Job Seekers Need Paper and Tech Skills

Candidates today can’t just be fluent in either technology or paper. They need to do well with both. Because that’s what they need on the job.

There Is a Fine Line Between Persistent and Pest

Job candidates need to understand the fine line between being persistent and being a pest. Learn how to follow up the right way in a job search […]

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