How to Spread Holiday Cheer Across a Distributed Team (Without Breaking the Bank) 

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The popularity of remote work has skyrocketing in the United States. From 2005 to 2017, the number of remote workers increased by 159 percent according to FlexJobs. Modern professionals are looking for remote work for a multitude of reasons, but they all generally boil down to a desire for flexibility and work/life balance.

While remote work may make employees happier, employers should be aware that it is not without its challenges. In particular, remote workers are prone to feelings of isolation. According to Buffer, 21 percent of remote employees say the biggest hurdle they face is a sense of loneliness.

As the holiday season approaches, that loneliness may intensify as remote workers watch their in-office friends, family members, and colleagues partake in year-end festivities. It’s important that employers take steps to support their distributed teams and spread the holiday joy to all their employees, regardless of their distance from the office.

Of course, celebrations can come with a price tag, but the good news is you can keep your remote team members feeling connected without breaking your budget. Just follow these tips:

1. Use Your Business Credit Card Cash Back

If you use a business credit card that earns cash back, you could accrue hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars over a year’s worth of spending. Leave this cash back alone until the holiday season, and you can use it toward your employee’s gifts and seasonal celebrations.

Of course, this strategy requires some planning ahead, and the holidays are already upon us, so you may have to implement it for next year instead.

2. Save Money With Apps and Shopping Portals

If you’re shopping for your distributed team, you will likely utilize online shopping to fulfill and deliver your gifts. While you’re already saving time by shopping online, there are ways you can save money, too.

Consider using cash-back apps and/or shopping portals. These allow you to earn cash back on the purchases you make for your employees through the app or portal. That cash back can defray the costs of your gifts, lessening the impact of your shopping spree on the company’s budget […]

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