How to Use Video in the Recruiting Process Episode 1

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Episode 1

Guest Steve O’Brien

The Speaker Agenda Show

Immerse yourself in the latest recruitment marketing tactics and strategies; automation, AI, chatbots, SMS, funnels, landing pages, and videos that massively increase candidate engagement and conversions. It’s all about helping you create amazing candidate experiences and make more hires to dominate your market and avoid destroying your employer brand.

We’re all about helping you get the absolute best results with your Recruitment Marketing Efforts.

Host Jeff Weidner
Guest Steve O’Brien How to Use Video in the Recruiting Process Episode 1

In this episode, Steve O’Brien and I discuss the best way to implement video in the recruiting process.

So if you want to understand the best ways to implement video in the recruiting process, leverage video to engage top candidates, and enhance the company employer brand so you can how to incorporate video in the recruiting process without taking away from recruiter efficiency, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:
“How to Create Amazing Candidate Experiences with Video.”
• Different Ways to Use Video in the Recruiting Process.
• How should a company get started with video?
• What are and how do companies avoid the pitfalls of using video?
• How can you use video to change the candidate experience?
• What jobs would benefit most form using a video job ad?
• Should the hiring manager be on the video job advertisement?
• What information do you need to convey to the candiate in a video job ad?
• What is the objective of the video job ad, employer branding video, video commercial? […]

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