Making The Most of 2020 beyond your 9-5 routine!

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Taking one or two longer breaks back in the early summer months might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but if it has left you without the option of any three-day weekends, (essential for ticking off your entire Christmas shopping list in one go), then you might want to be a bit more tactical with how you spend your annual leave next year.

Whether you crave a city break to attend theatres in London, or if you prefer a rural retreat sampling a selection of  pubs in Ambleside, Lake District, you can fit a lot in to the year beyond your 9–5 routine. With the end of the holiday year approaches, many UK workers are gearing up for the long pre-Christmas stint without any additional days off left.

Schedule plans ahead of time

Most UK employees are entitled to 25 days of annual leave, as well as bank holidays. With this in mind, preparing ahead of time can prove beneficial when it comes to maximising your annual leave. Having something to look forward to is always a good feeling, and by getting your diary ready for the new holiday year, you will know how to prepare.

Over a five-day working week, this means you could potentially take five weeks off work. However, if you plan ahead and factor in any prior commitments — for example, if you already know you’re attending three of your friends weddings in 2020, then take this into account before you use up the remainder of your holiday allocation.

What can we expect from 2020?

So, you’ve got a few dream destinations in mind, now it’s time to fill up your calendar with those all-important dates. We all know how a certain few colleagues can develop a tendency to become rather competitive when it comes to beating the crowds and getting their holidays in well ahead of time — find out when your workplace holiday year begins and make sure to get your days submitted ahead of time.

We all look forward to the first of the year’s bank holidays, and in 2020, take your holidays tactically and you could enjoy a supersized Easter break. Good Friday is the 10th of April next year, and Easter Monday falls on the 13th. So, if you book from the 6th–9th of April off, then the 14th–17th, including weekends you’ll have amounted a hefty 16 consecutive days of ‘out of office’ auto-replies. As we approach May, you’ll have another opportunity to make the most of your annual leave. Usually, the earliest holiday would fall on a Monday but in 2020, May Day will be a Friday 8th May. So, get your holiday request in for the 4th–7th May and you’ll have eight days of relaxation from 2nd–10th to enjoy. This could be the perfect time to enjoy your first city break or rural retreat of the year.

The second May bank holiday falls on the 25th May, so if you’re already keen to put your ‘out of office’ on again, then you’ll want to book from the 26th–29th May off, giving you the 23rd–31st May as holiday. So far, that’s 34 days off including weekends, using only 16 days of your annual leave […]

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