Most Employees Want Their Bosses to Give Them More Responsibility

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How would your employees rate their leaders? A recent survey of 1,000 full-time employees in the United States sought to understand precisely how employees feel about their boss in a very detailed way. The report, called the “The Boss Barometer Report US 2019,” was created by Kimble Applications. I recently had an opportunity to go over the results with Kimble’s Cofounder, Mark Robinson.


The survey found that 72% of American employees wish their boss or manager would give them more responsibility. I asked Robinson about that result. He said, “We have a very large number of people in the survey saying that they want to be given more responsibility in their job and are almost frustrated that they haven’t gotten it.” To fully appreciate the meaning of that finding, weigh it against what Robinson said about motivation: “It’s not like you have to motivate people to take responsibility.”

In other words, U.S. organizations don’t need to focus on motivating their employees. This survey shows that at least 72% of them are motivated but are not given a way to express that motivation. Robinson adds, “You just have to find ways to let them do it.” Robinson believes that although it might seem discouraging that so many people want more responsibility, it’s actually encouraging “because if you got the survey back saying that employees don’t care and don’t want that responsibility, it would actually be quite negative.”

The survey also suggests what employees perceive to be the source of the problem: managers and bosses. However, Robinson adds some contour to those findings, saying, “It may be because the manager is not giving employees more responsibilities, but it may just be that there’s so much bureaucracy in the way.” Finding ways to remove the red tape and other barriers could have a very positive effect on your employees’ sense of responsibility.

Involving Employees

Something we talk about a lot here at the HR Daily Advisor is agility. And while agility can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, to Robinson, it means “a collaborative way of working that is not as hierarchical” as has traditionally been the case. He uses the term “hierarchical” to mean that the leader does the thinking, makes the decisions, and then passes those decisions down to the workers to execute. While that model may have worked for years, what it lacks is employees’ involvement in the decision-making […]

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