Ep 207 – How to Create a Strategic Recruiting Process and Plan

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I’ve talked a lot about how recruitment marketing has evolved over the past decade to follow the model of traditional digital marketers and how we can apply these strategies to our own work. Our guest today wrote the book this topic.

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Ep 207: Interview with Victor Assad Hack Recruiting (@victorassad2)

Victor Assad is CEO of Strategic Human Resources Consulting, Managing Partner of InnovationOne and author of Hack Recruiting: The Best of Empirical Research, Method and Process, and Digitization. Victor is a global human resources leader who works on talent management, leadership development, accelerating change, organization and culture development, innovation, and other strategic initiatives. With over 25 years of experience, Victor has led human resources organizations in fast growth, high-technology, global businesses for Honeywell and Medtronic, in the medical device, aerospace, software, specialty semiconductors, and electronics industries. Victor and I had a chance to connect at the HR Technology conference. He is a seasoned HR and recruiting executive who is committed to sharing resources and best practices to drive business performance.

Why Is Strategic Recruiting Such a Business Imperative? 

Victor shares with why it’s a critical point for HR and recruitment. He says that processes that we have in HR haven’t always treated as seriously as a process, such as in manufacturing or a sales process or what marketing heads or R&D. He says that when you have a high volume process in HR and recruiting is often one of those, performance management would be another. We need to work with our business leaders to help them understand we need to manage these processes just as effectively as those other processes.

Victor also shares that everyone in the process should be trained for it to have measures and predictive measures. This is different than the past in HR where it was siloed, sometimes I feel it was intentionally kept secret instead of readily shared. By sharing and training HR and recruiting processes with others within the organization, Victor says we drive profitable growth for these companies because we’re all in this together. It’s imperative for businesses because of the economic as well as the number of technologies at our disposal for business including artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, chat bots among others.

How to Ensure Business Success in Human Resources 

Victor breaks down things for us into four different categories.  He says the first way to ensure business success in HR is through transformation starting with understanding all the great empirical evidence particularly around human bias. We cannot and should not use bias in selecting the people to hire in our organizations which it is important to be aware and knowing what competencies you want to the best people. Victor says the second critical component is creating and establishing processes for hiring at low as well as high volumes similarly to a manufacturing line and process. process recruiting high volume processes in nature, we need to run them just as seriously as we might lean out of manufacturing process. When everyone knows how to interview, to select the best people, not to use, you know, first impressions or other human bias, he says we can do great things for organizations to build their capability.

Digital technology is the third critical element according to Victor and shares with me that when you bring in digital technology that supports those processes and transformation, everyone can feel it’s impact. He calls it the grand slam in HR and recruiting. And that’s because technology helps you scale and does things like automates paperwork and administrative activities. This tech increases your ability to find, build relationships with and recruit people. It’s extraordinary when you begin to do this. […]

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