How Modern Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Get More Responses

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The current U.S. unemployment rate, which recently hit a 50-year low, is requiring recruiters to get creative in their searches for qualified candidates.

LinkedIn is a powerful resource for HR professionals, but reading between the lines of job experiences, education, and a brief “about” blurb takes time and experience. Even then, trying to understand who someone is and how best to approach him or her about a job opportunity is a shot in the dark when you only have limited information.

But with the right tools, LinkedIn can be a powerful guide to help you communicate effectively with someone new, such as a potential job candidate.

One such tool is a new technology called Personality AI. Personality AI allows you to learn more about someone’s personality through publicly available information, like his or her LinkedIn page, by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze a text sample and predict that individual’s personality. When you understand people’s personality, you can learn to communicate with them in a way they will appreciate, which will result in better response rates from potential candidates.

Personality AI enables recruiters to avoid the stress of sending hundreds of e-mails, messages, and phone calls that don’t get responses. With the click of a button, you can learn more about someone’s personality and send messages that resonate with candidates and start a conversation.

Using Personality AI

Personality AI categorizes individual personalities in a variety of ways. For example, Crystal uses Personality AI to identify 16 unique personality types through a Google Chrome extension to analyze the text in a candidate’s LinkedIn profile. Once we understand which personality […]

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