Selecting a Tech-Savvy RPO Partner

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Research from Aberdeen Group tells us that companies using RPO partners are about “40% more likely to establish an effective talent pipeline for their open positions.” That’s in addition to being 17% more likely to build a top-quality workplace compared to companies not leveraging an RPO partner. And though strong endorsements for the power and efficacy of the RPO model, not all service providers are created equal. There are more than a few variables to consider in selecting the right partner, particularly when it comes to their use of and experience with technology.

For starters, the hiring process continues to evolve, incorporating additional systems and solutions that demand expertise and sophistication on the part of the user. Take artificial intelligence as an example. Five years ago, AI was largely unheard of in the recruitment process. Fast forward to today, and it seems to be about the most frequent topic of discussion, even if capabilities and deployment remain somewhat nascent. HR Technology Conference and columnist Steve Boese highlights that “In an AI world, humans become more important, not less.” The same holds true of RPO partners. Read more here…

Original: The Staffing Stream

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