7 Ways to Be a Better Recruiter in 2020 (Or Maybe Not!)

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Let’s begin with the best part about being a recruiter: flexibility. You may have unusual hours and a less predictable workflow than other professionals, but you also have a lot of power and choice over how you spend your time.

Now the worst part: the chaos. It’s a frenetic, feast-or-famine career path, and you can easily become overwhelmed if you’re not always on top of things.

Still, there are things you can do to stay on top of industry trends, manage your career, and be better at what you do in the coming year.

1. Create As Many Distractions As Possible

A quiet work environment in which you can focus on your tasks is boring, conventional, and disastrous to the creativity and the inspiration you need to thrive. Instead, create a workspace and habits that keep your mind simultaneously split in different directions. Sure, this may cut productivity by as much as 28%, but that doesn’t matter. After all, if you’re too focused on a single task, you won’t benefit by being distracted by that perfect candidate. Read more here…

Source: ERE

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