From Building Talent Supplies to Shaping Visions: The Top 10 Business Imperatives Strategic Teams Must Fulfill

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What’s the first thing you, as a business executive, do when you need to tackle big issues like closing the gap on operating margins, creating better operations processes, or identifying the best new path to growth and development?

Chances are you put together a strategic team.

An integral part of any organization, a strategic team is tasked with making strategy happen. It solves big-picture problems and moves the needle on important issues at a high — and highly tactical — level.

Connecting the why, what, and how of a company’s strategic agenda, a strategic team serves as the engine driving an organization’s strategic plan forward by pulling together its directional aspects, the connective elements that guide its overall integration, and the action map for its execution.

A strategic team’s fundamental mission is to move forward an organization’s strategic agenda — that is, the plan for the direction, integration, and execution of strategy for growth, performance, and change within the organization at various levels. Some agendas are designed to improve processes and systems. Others are built to support change at one level or another. Whether it’s operations and growth or new market directions — policy revisions or business model evolutions — strategic teams are the entities that get it done. Read more here…

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