The Challenge for Employees Seen as ‘Irreplaceable’

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Knowledge sharing is a key issue in many organizations. The transfer of knowledge from experienced industry experts with a long history in the organization to newer, less experienced colleagues is usually the goal.

Unfortunately, the company’s interests sometimes conflict with the perceived interests of individual employees. When it comes to knowledge sharing, employees often feel it’s in their best interests to limit the amount of knowledge they share so that they appear irreplaceable.

The Big Problem with Being ‘Irreplaceable’

Many employees feel threatened when they are encouraged to share knowledge with or train others. They believe that sharing their exclusive knowledge makes them more expendable and that anyone who gains a piece of their proprietary knowledge becomes a potential replacement.

The challenge for managers when faced with such employees is to convince their staff that they should not want to be seen as irreplaceable. While this might seem like a tough sell at first, there is a good reason that can help convince staff members to share their knowledge and train others: Irreplaceable employees are extremely difficult to promote! Read more here…

Source: HR Daily Advisor

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